Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Innovative use of ICT in schools

At Footscray City College, I have seen limited examples of ICT incorporated in the delivery of lessons. Teachers would use PowerPoint Presentation in their lessons as well as encourage students to perform assessment tasks using PowerPoint Presentation or using video to aide their oral assessment.

A few years ago, one computer savvy teacher used the College website for his year 9 science class to post their findings and process on certain experience. The students also use webcam to lodge their journal and process. This worked especially well in study groups because it enabled group members to work together as well as individually. If one group member was absent, the group could still continue with their process with the entries from that group member. Unfortunately, that teacher has transferred to another school.

It is understand why some schools are more technological advance than others. Limited resources and equipments have a lot to do with this. Footscray City College has four computer labs and a computer room in the library, this ratio of 100 computers to 1000 students means that not the students will be lucky to have access to a working computer once a week.

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